Friday, May 1, 2009

1 Month da lepas B

Aku tk th pe nk jd dgn aku ni ,hurm.sedih je do .nk Nanis pn ade .I want a long distance relationship with him ,but .maybe aku tk de jodoh ngn die kot ,
Die selalu ckp jgn syg die sgt, tp aku ni degil la syg sgt kt die .kn da jd cmni .
ade org ckp die syg aku ,but he don't knw how to show that .
Yeke eh .confuse sgt-sgt .
If he wanna break up ,i''ll accept it .
but i will always love him much .

B ,if you read this i wanna tell you ,that i love you so much.even you dont.
i knw that we never met before.but ,pls B i wanna meet you .

1 comment:

  1. long distance relationship ?
    means relationship yg berjauhan or relationship yg kekal lame ?

    kalau yg kekal lame , u better think twice.
    u're still young.
    kite ckp ni atas dasar pengalaman.
    it hurts me so badly actually.
    until now.
    is hard to heal the pain.
    is not easy nk kekal lame.
    unless u're ready in everything/anything.
    ready fo being hurt.
    ready fo being rejected.
    ready fo being lie and betray
    but is good actually.
    all this things happened foe reasons and will make u more stronger and more mature.
    goodluck in love relationship :)